Indonesia Hospital Expo

Welcome to Indonesia Hospital Expo® organized by PT. Okta Sejahtera Insani

PT. Okta Sejahtera Insani established in 1994.

Registered to Department of Tourism and Culture of Jakarta as Professional Conference Organizer

Member of Indonesian Exhibition Companies Association since 1994

Organized Indonesia Hospital Expo® since 1978

The 36th Indonesia Hospital Expo® (16 - 19 October 2024)
Jakarta Convention Center


Tony Huang

President Director of International Exhibition & Trade (Group) Co., Limited & Director of PT. SMART G

"As a partner of the Hospital Expo in Indonesia, I am honored to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on this important event. The Hospital Expo provides a platform for medical professionals, industry experts, and healthcare organizations to come together to discuss the latest advancements in healthcare technology and innovation, and to explore ways to improve the quality of healthcare services and patient outcomes. This expo is an important opportunity for healthcare professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in their field, and to network and collaborate with other professionals in the industry. Our clients also can find the best distributors and partners here, making it an essential platform for expanding into the Indonesian market. The organizer has maintained professional organization and service over the years. I believe that the Hospital Expo is an essential event for the healthcare industry in Indonesia, and I am proud to be a partner of this event. I look forward to continued collaboration and growth in the future."

Edwin Sulaeman

General Manager of Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center

"On behalf of the management of the Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center (BSJCC) and I personally would like to thank PT. Okta Sejahtera Insani for being a loyal customer of BSJCC for decades, I hope that PT. Okta Sejahtera Insani will always be victorious and successful."

Lisa Dai

CEO of Consultac Expo Co Ltd (China)

"I am very delighted to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Hospital Expo. We are proud of being partner with PT. OKTA SEJAHTERA INSANI team more than 15 years. I have seen the exhibition grown extensively, becoming one of the most influential and professional events in the world. While providing professional services to exhibitors, the organizer has made more efforts in marketing development, taking a deep dive into the latest trends, gathering thousands of people from manufacturers to key leaders, who come together to shape the future of the industry resulting in exhibitors obtaining the greatest return. This exhibition has played a monumental role in developing Indonesia medical market. As a partner, I would like to thank the organizer for their dedication over the past 35 years. It is a truly respected and high return annual medical industry event. We will bring more Chinese exhibitors to Indonesia in the future."

Hosea Andreas Runkat

Chairman of Indonesia Exhibition Companies Association (IECA)

"Almost three decades, Hospital Expo side by side with Indonesia Exhibition Companies Association (IECA) / Asosiasi Perusahaan Pameran Indonesia (ASPERAPI) showing a significant growth of exhibition industry in Indonesia which have a big impact to Indonesia economic’s"

dr. H. Sibroh Malisi, MARS

Head of health and sosial services sector of Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) DKI Jakarta Province

"Alhamdulillah, I am Dr. H. Sibroh Malisi, the head of the health and social services sector, was able to comment, representing the chairman of PMI. PROV DKI Jakarta, Mr. H. Rustam Effendi. I express my deepest gratitude to PT. Okta Sejahtera Insani (PT. OSI) which has collaborated with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) DKI Jakarta Province since 2002. We are given the trust by PT. OSI to provide health service support and prepare emergency ambulances. PMI DKI Jakarta Province was also given a stand free of charge to provide health checks and blood group services. PMI could also display various humanitarian activities that have been carried out by PMI in helping the community, so that people know and are aware of PMI's actions in carrying out humanitarian tasks. After the closing of this medical device exhibition, the proceeds from ticket sales which will be donated to PMI DKI Jakarta Province. We thank PT. OSI which continues to give trust to PMI DKI Jakarta Province in assisting the International Hospital Expo activities every year. We hope that our cooperation will continue."

Young H. Lee

Director of YPlanet Company (South Korea)

"Hospital Expo is the most important event to help Korean medical device industry advance into Indonesia. I am very honored to be able to work with such a great events team as the Korean representative. I am sure that Hospital Expo will continue to develop and become the most important event in Southeast Asia."

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